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When you hire Piazza Marketing Concepts, you are complementing your team with a marketing powerhouse with over fifteen years worth of knowledge in marketing, communication and social media. Find out more here.

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When I think about how to create opportunities for my members (or how to maximize ones already in place) the first person I think of is Heather Piazza. Heather has an incredible grasp of marketing on multiple levels. She has a deep understanding of macro/strategic marketing issues like branding and market position, which makes her a wonderful resource for organizations at all levels of business. She also possesses a keen insight on micro marketing issues, and is particularly knowledgeable about using new technology to drive the sales process.
Heather accentuates her impressive knowledge base with a skill set that allows her to directly implement her strategies. She can create the materials you need, and she can work with your vendor or marketing department to provide guidance and any component needed to create a high quality marketing presence. She combines these qualities with a professional demeanor that remains cool under pressure. She delivers high quality results in a timely manner. I couldn’t ask for better service or support.

James Cooper :: CEO + President, American Canyon Chamber of Commerce


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